GOD CALLED THIS MINISTRY INTO SERVICE with a series of events that started in the home of Jasper and Nancy Butler where we met for three Sundays in May of 2000.

Jasper believed the church should be called DOVE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES

Which was confirmed when one of the children, Allisa Halmiton drew a picture for Jasper and in the picture Jasper could see the shape of a dove.

We began to search for a more suitable place to have our 1st public service. We were able to secure a room at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center on the 1st Sunday in June of 2000 with 14 Adult and 5 children in attendance . Kimberly Stewart agreed to lead the Children’s Department and named it “Dove’s Nest.” Sister Jean Herzog volunteered to assist Kimberly with the children.

On Thursday nights, we had bible Study at the Club House of Don and Fusako Winchester’s home. Pauline Clark accepted Christ at one of the Bible Studies and became the first convert.

Pastor Jasper asked the members to pray earnestly for God to GIVE us a place to worship Him the way He desires to be worshiped. Pastor explained to the members that he really mean, “GIVE IT TO US.” As a body we also prayed for everything else needed to get this new church equipped for service. For our God owns everything.

As we continued to search for a more permanent place, we found space at Oxnard College, and were there for 2 1/2 months. It was not easy moving things in and out, back and forth as we need them each Sunday. While at the college we were informed that there might be a more permanent place to rent from the Church of the Crossroads at 241 West Hill St., in Oxnard,  lead by Pastor Bob Borger and his wife Jennifer. We moved in on the 1st Sunday in Sept of 2000 and were invited to have a joint service with the Church of the Crossroads

There 5 other churches were also renting space and rotating service schedules. we were given the 9:00am – 10:30am time slot in the main Sanctuary building.  Pauline Clark was the first convert to be baptized at Dove Christian Ministries.

Pastor Borger informed the Pastors who were using the facilities that he was seeking acceptance into the Air Force as a Chaplain and if accepted Crossroads would be without a Pastor. Due to the small number of members, they would not be able to continue as a church. He indicated that Crossroads was praying for God’s direction to them concerning the property on Hill St. Sometime in December of 2000 Pastor Borger was accepted as a Chaplain in the Air Force.

A letter was sent to Dove  and all the ministries who were using Crossroad’s facilities, explaining that the Congregation of the Church of the Crossroads had voted unanimously to give the property with all the furnishings and equipment to Dove Christian Ministries.

We knew that God’s hand was in the decision to give the property to Dove. We had only been here 6 months. This was the answer to our prayers —(LORD, GIVE US A PLACE TO WORSHIP YOU THE WAY YOU DESIRE TO BE WORSHIPPED).

This was also an answer to Crossroads prayer —(WHAT SHOULD THEY DO WITH THE PROPERTY.)

Crossroads and Dove proceeded to get all the documents prepared that would transfer all properties to Dove. (4 buildings with all contents on just under 3 acres of land and a house on “C” St.) A transition team made up of Trustees of Crossroads (JOE MCADAMS AND NANCY HOWISON) and Officers of Dove( JASPER BUTLER AND DON WINCHESTER) met with an attorney in Ventura (LOYE BARTON). Papers were signed and the deeds transferred to DCM on March 23, 2001.

Many changes have taken place over the years. People have come and gone. Some have gone home to the Lord.